Modelling, Optimization & Control

Dynamica at a glance

We are a company who operates in the field of advanced technologies, and particularly of model-based R&D.

Our goal is to introduce latest-generation innovation and technologies, such as dynamic modelling/simulation and advanced control, into the customers’ design workflows and production processes, so as to yield an added value in their value chain.

The solutions we offer, supported by adequate training plans, allow our customers to exploit the above technologies to optimise the design and management flow of their production/manufacturing process. Our solutions are suitable for any business scale, from small and medium-sized enterprises up to large production assets and or hi-tech designs.

We pay particular attention to integrating our solutions into the customer’s workflow smoothly, taking advantage of our decades of experience in object-oriented and multi-physics modelling, and adapting the level of detail of our solutions as required by the particular project at hand.

More about us

The Dynamica team brings together decades of experience in research and industrial applications, and is in tight contact with a large knowledge and expertise network.

We operate in various application domains, including

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