Our training offer

To make the most of our technologies and solutions, it is important that the user has a good command and knowledge of them. This is a key factor in being able to achieve high value, quality, and productivity. With this in mind, Dynamica offers training packages (also on the job) at different levels, organised by technologies/solutions as well as by business target, and delivers them adapting to the timing that best suits the customer’s business workflow. 

Training Courses for Specific Applications

When we supply technology or develop a solution, our supply may include the necessary training at the customer’s request.

The basic level of training is meant to get the customer’s project team up and running on our solutions in the shortest time possible, and this is a good place to start.

For the maximum return on investment, advanced level courses are available, which form the working team on the principles and technologies that ground our solutions, with he ultimate goal of making them capable of developing new solutions starting from those we have provided, using the same technologies.

We can structure the training necessary for the specific solution with an adequate degree of detail, and in the form most suitable for the involved customer’s team. 

Subject-specific training courses

In addition to specific training courses on the solutions provided by Dynamica, we also offer a package of subject-specific modules for training in relevant technological areas. The duration of the courses and their level can be agreed with the customer’s team.

Automation and control systems

 – Coding for Embedded Applications
– PLC applications with IEC61131-3 languages
– Introduction to PID controllers – basic level
– Optimisation of PID tuning – advanced level

Modelling and simulation

– Introduction to the Modelica language and the OpenModelica platform – basic level
– Creation of structured libraries in the Modelica language – advanced level
– Interface programming in Modelica language – advanced level
– OMPyton – Use of the OpenModelica compiler from the Python language

Using Modelica Libraries

Libraries developed by Dynamica
– DynamicaAutomationAndControl
– DynamicaFlueGasPath
– DynamicaProcessComponentsAndDevices
– DynamicaOleoDynamic

Open-source libraries

 Modelica Standard Library
– standard blocks and functions
– electrical package
– mechanical package (1D and 2D)
– multibody (3D) mechanics

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