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The Modelica language

In the field of system modeling and simulation, Dynamica uses modern Equation-based Object-Oriented Languages and Tools (EOOLT) based on first-principle representation of the phenomena to describe (i.e. for the technically curious, based on balance and constitutive equations).  We take as main reference the Modelica language, developed by the Modelica Association (

The solutions based on Modelica language, developed over the years by both Dynamica and its founding partners, cover various application fields, including, for example:

OpenModelica is an open-source platform that allows to assemble, compile and run complex models written in the Modelica language. The goal of OpenModelica is to offer a complete suite for the development and solution of Modelica models, based on free software under the GNU-GPL v3 license.

OpenModelica is developed and maintained by the OSMC consortium (Open Source Modelica Consortium –, of which Dynamica is a member (

The direct participation in the activities of the OSMC allows us on the one hand to contribute directly to the improvement of OpenModelica, and on the other hand to be in tight contact with the team of developers. As a result we have a direct channel to employ if specific needs arise — and of course, this turn into an advantage for our customers.

Said otherwise, in fact, the above link between end user – through us – and developers, allows us to manage in a synergic and efficient way verticalised and specialised solutions on our customers’ projects or products. This is particularly useful when such solutions do not fall into general cases, as often happens in the R&D field, and also where they require improvements or expansion of the platform. 

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